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In prep

  • Aquatic primary production linked to spider trophic dynamics in a subtropical estuary

    • MJ Zapata, JR Bohenek, SMP Sulliván

  • Shifts in Invertebrate Network Structure Correspond to Nutrient Concentrations in Streams of central Ohio, USA

    • SMP Sulliván, R Czaja, TL Kenly, KC Stefanik, JR Bohenek, LM Pintor

  • Nutrient concentrations and artificial lighting at night influence mosquito oviposition

    • K Fite, JR Bohenek, SMP Sulliván

In review

  • The effects of artificial light at night and urbanization on fish assemblages in small streams

    • JR Bohenek, SMP Sulliván, S Gray

  • Artificial light at night has species-specific effects on oviposition behavior of disease vectors

    • S Daufel, JR Bohenek, SMP Sulliván

In press

  • A wolf in sheep’s clothing: predatory fish have convergent consumptive, but divergent non-consumptive, effects on plastic and paedomorphic amphibians

    • JR Bohenek, MR Pintar, TM Breech, WJ Resetarits Jr.

    • Ecosphere

  • Inland Waters – Rivers: Land Use and Water Quality. The Inland Waters, 2nd Edition.

    • JR Bohenek, SMP Sulliván

    • Encyclopedia of Inland Waters (Editors: K. Tockner, T. Mehner)