In prep
  • A wolf in sheep’s clothing: predatory fish have convergent consumptive, but divergent non-consumptive, effects on plastic and paedomorphic amphibians
    • JR Bohenek, MR Pintar, TM Breech & WJ Resetarits Jr.
  • Aquatic primary production linked to spider trophic dynamics in a subtropical estuary
    • MJ Zapata, JR Bohenek, SMP Sulliván
  • Shifts in Invertebrate Network Structure Correspond to Nutrient Concentrations in Streams of central Ohio, USA
    • SMP Sulliván, R Czaja, TL Kenly, KC Stefanik, JR Bohenek, LM Pintor
In review
  • Geographic variation in Culex oviposition habitat selection responses to a predator, Notonecta irrorata
    • MR Pintar, JR Bohenek, & WJ Resetarits Jr.
    • Ecological Entomology
  • Cue reduction or cue masking do not underlie generalized chemical camouflage in pirate perch
    • WJ Resetarits Jr., TM Breech,  JR Bohenek, MR Pintar
    • Ecology
  • Predator specific responses and emergent multi-predator effects on oviposition site choice in gray treefrogs, Hyla chrysoscelis
    • WJ Resetarits Jr., MR Pintar, JR Bohenek
    • Proceedings of the Royal Society B
  • Complex effects of multiple predators on demographic habitat selection and community assembly in colonizing insects
    • WJ Resetarits Jr., MR Pintar, JR Bohenek
    • Ecological Monographs
  • COVID-19!!! Ahh!!!
  • Patch size as a niche dimension: Aquatic insects behaviorally partition enemy-free space across gradients of patch size
    • WJ Resetarits Jr., MR Pintar, JR Bohenek & TM Breech
    • The American Naturalist